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“Hello, Welcome to Dezign Graphix Creative Cafe.

Advertising Design, and other Neat Stuff”


Freelance Graphic Designer Based in Columbus Ohio


Dezign Graphix Creative Café is a full-time, freelance, advertising-design studio. The business consists of a massive work force of one…me! Paul J. Blanchard. I started Dezign Graphix in 1995 and have been at it ever since. You can read more on the ABOUT ME page.


I created the samples you see on my web site. I only show work for which I had direct influence in the creative process. You will see everything from graphic design to illustration, photography to packaging design and logo packages, brochures, catalogs and other marketing materials.


Check out my BLOG section to see what’s on my mind. I will be writing some amazing, tantalizing, super-duper articles about being a freelance advertising designer, my creative process, how to hire a freelancer, what to look for in a portfolio and other neat stuff.


So let’s talk… well, maybe email. Send me your contact info with a little description of your creative or and/or marketing needs. I will get right back to you for more specific details. Thank you and looking forward to working with you in the future.


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